Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mindful Parenting: Traveling, I and My Kids

Juvenile delinquency—one of the biggest problems that the society is facing nowadays and this is primarily because of the lack of guidance and the failure of most families to spend quality time together. With that being said, I have just the solution for you—go out on a family vacation! Surely, this is one of the most fun antidotes to any sickening societal diseases these days. Not only will you relieve your stress from everyday work, but you would also be able to promote familial bonding.
Nevertheless, traveling with children may be difficult and stressful, especially if you don’t apply certain measures that can make your traveling experience happy and productive.
·       The Needs vs. the Wants: Unlike when you were single, you need to consider the needs of your partner and your children whenever you’re packing for a vacation. Also, you must keep baggage restrictions in mind if you are going to ride by plane.
Therefore, you need to travel light. Remember that the lighter your luggage is, the more convenient and bicep-friendly your trip will be. Also, instead of folding, roll your clothes as tightly as you can. This will consume less of the space in your bag and will guarantee you clothes free from those unwanted creases from folding.

·       Facing the What If’s: You’d never know what might happen, so even if you are sure that you are going to supervise your kids the best way you can, there is no way you can watch over them 24/7. It is best that you orient your kids on what they should do in case they become lost. Also, always leave a contact card on the pockets or bag of your children.

·       Be Interactive: The goal of your travel is to spend quality time with your whole family, and not to sleep all day and bore your children in the cabin. Now, the best thing for you to do as a parent is plan activities ahead of time. Aside from booking reservations in hotels, try to look for tourist spots which will enable you and your kids to bond together the most enjoyable way. Often times, there are packages that include multiple activities for both adults and children, especially in areas where tourists usually flock.

·       The Power of Museums: Way back, museums are regarded as the most boring place you could ever be, but thanks to the modern technology and to public funds, of course, both children and adults are given the chance to learn in the most interactive way. Anyway, spending 1 hour or so in a museum would never hurt.

·       Do Chores Together: There is no better way of spending quality time together than doing chores while on a campsite. Setting up a tent and grilling burger patties and marshmallows together in the beachside is truly an exciting prospect for you and your kids.

·       Bring Home Souvenirs: Even though you have promised yourself not to buy any souvenir, the tendency is that your children would always want to buy something in memory of your wonderful trip. Aside from the dozen of pictures you’d bring home, it is always better for you to save space on your baggage for any possible item you might bring home.

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Janella Giselle Domingo is a travel ambassador and blogger from Jurnii's Rv Rentals.They offer cruise from sydney and other services. Aside from blogging, she is also currently employed as a Chief Pharmacist at Wesleyan University Hospital and Cardiovascular Center.Despite of her busy schedule as a Chief Pharmacist, she never forgets to indulge in her wanderlust. Connect with her at facebook or drop a line at janellagdomingo@gmail.com.

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