Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Soul Sustenance: Joy Journal

I recently had a chance to review Joy Journal by Rebecca Kochendorfer. This is a heartwarming journal to go through. The goal of the journal is to help make joy a daily experience. This is such an important piece of having a fulfilling life, I think - the more you can really focus on the good parts of life, the more happy and satisfying your life will be.

The way it's written is nice because it is appropriate for both religious and non-religious people, so it would make a good fit for anyone. There are "tasks" to work with each day and week, but the "tasks" are easy to accomplish and are so rewarding. Really, it's just helping the reader focus on a different mindset.

If you've never tried journaling, or if you like journaling, this is a great idea. It's available as a beautiful hard copy book, or you can get a Kindle version that is still well-written, but can't be quite as visually appealing. If you hate journaling, you might want to give it a try, because it's a little easier to journal with prompts - and no one says you actually have to write anything down.

Disclosure: I downloaded this book for free when it was available on Amazon for free.

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