Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mindful Eating: Smart Snacking

Did you know that smart snacking can help you maintain or lose weight? As long as you're paying attention and not just grazing, that is.
- If there are going to be more than four hours between meals (I eat breakfast with my husband at 6 and I can't wait until noon to eat with my girls) then it's ok to have a small, healthy snack. Less than four hours? Try making sure you're plenty hydrated instead, as dehydration can often masquerade as hunger.
- If you like bedtime snacks, then skip dessert. That way you won't be doubling up on the treats.
- Most snacks should include protein or healthy fats and fiber. They'll keep you feeling satisfied longer.
- Keep your snacks to 200 calories or less (make sure you know serving sizes, as it's easy to go overboard even on healthy snacks like nuts or crackers).
- Pack a snack to take on the go so you know you'll have a healthy option and aren't stuck getting whatever is convenient.
- Pay attention to your snack. Distracted eating makes it easy to eat way more than you think you are. Plus, you will enjoy it more if you actually notice the tastes and textures of what you're eating.

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