Sunday, April 29, 2012

Soul Sustenance: Common Challenges and Solutions

Do you find yourself emotionally or spiritually dragged down? Here are some very common problems, and ways to start combating their effects. - Anxiety. This is an emotional issue that can have physical effects, which just feed each other. One way to counteract it? Sing! It's not a magic bullet, but studies have shown that music lifts the mood. Bonus: It reduces blood pressure. - Bad relationships. We've all got them, the friends that just aren't good for us. So cut them loose! It may take time, and it may hurt at first, but in the end it will be better for you - and probably for them as well. - Gossip. There are some advantages to healthy networking conversations, and being genuinely concerned about others. But catty gossip helps no one. Would you say what you're about to say in front of the person? Let that guide what you say to others about them. - Resentment. It's easy to hold a grudge. It's hard to forgive. But resentment breeds hostility and anger, emotions that, when severe enough, have a physical effect as well. Plus, it's not worth it - your negative emotions don't hurt the other person. They only hurt you. Learn to forgive. Seek help of a counselor, clergy member, or trusted friend if you need to. - Excessive work. Did you know that taking a break from work actually improves overall productivity? It's true! Periodic breaks help refresh your mind and keep you at your prime. So if you start to feel yourself getting down, take five and come back with a fresh mind. Plus, it's better for your body anyway than sitting all day long.

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