Friday, March 2, 2012

Buying Green: Maty's and Cold-EEZE

I've done giveaways for Maty's cough syrup before, but never a review. I had a chance to review that and Cold-EEZE. I had heard of it before, but was a little bit skeptical - for me, most regular cold remedies don't seem to help, so why would something that bills itself as all-natural?

Cold-EEZE has been clinically proven by several studies - including ones conducted at Dartmouth and Cleveland Clinic - to shorten the duration of the common cold by almost half. The all-natural formula utilizes zinc, and although scientists still aren't sure exactly how it works, the proof is there that it does. It's available in lozenges, and I got to try out the spray - which is a nice, convenient way to take it. You can find it at most major drugstores and retailers, or online. You can also download a $2.50 oral spray coupon. The website also has a helpful guide to shorten your cold - a variety of healthy, natural tips are included..

The one cold I've gotten since then was really short, so it seemed to work. It is safe to use with most other medications, although you need to check product information for specifics.

Maty's is designed specifically for coughs and chest congestion. Unlike most cough syrups, it is safe to use with kids (over one year of age). They also have a baby chest rub safe for babies down to three months. The formulas are all-natural. I got to try the cough syrup, and I have to say, I like it. It tastes much better than most cough syrups I've tried, and it works every bit as well as anything I've ever tried before.

If you're looking for safer, all-natural alternatives, consider trying either product the next time you're sick.

Disclosure: I received complimentary bottles of Cold-EEZE and Maty's cough syrup to facilitate this review.

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