Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Healthy Habits: Choosing Appropriate Shoes (Guest Post)

Us women are proven in-love with these pretty pumps. It makes us look fashionable and feels taller. It really helps us in boosting our inner confidence. However, does it ever cross in to your mind how much are you willing to sacrifice for those pretty pumps benefits? Are you confident that your health is not at risk with your chosen pumps?
Pumps, especially with high heels are the common cause of reported foot problems. It is also the aggravating factors of common of, leg and back pain problems in most women wearing high heels. Below are the common risks that you may face in wearing uncomfortable high heels.
1.   Risk in Posture - high heel shoe puts your foot in pointed downward position that increases the amount of pressure on the forefoot. Hence, your whole body will adjust in order to keep your balance. Your lower body part leans forward and your upper body part leans backward to keep your balanced. Therefore, your body will compensate in that situation which is not your normal upright position.
2.  The Gait – when you are walking with high pumps your feet are in plantar flexed position, hence you are giving the normal force to push off the floor. With this situation your hip and leg muscles need to exert more force in order to move and pull your body.
3.  The Back – normally, your spinal cord is in S-curve which plays as the shock absorber. It reduces stress on your vertebrae. However, when you are in high heels, your lower back known as the lumbar spine is flattening and displace backwards. This poor alignment of your spine will cause muscle and back pains.
4.  The Knees – when you are in high heels, your knees are bent and your shin bone goes inwards. This posture gives excessive force on your inner side knees which is the common spot of inflammation. So, frequent use of high heels seems to be a big NO for it may lead to serious illness called osteoarthritis.

About the Author:
Sarah Grace Del Rosario is a fashion and lifestyle blogger from The Thrifty Senyorita. Aside from blogging, she is also currently collaborating with  in sharing fashion and lifestyle tips.

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