Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Parenting Pointers: Special Shower Gifts

If you have ever been invited to a baby shower then you know how hard it is to select the perfect gift. As you are looking at your options you are hit with panic. Did I buy the right pattern? Will they have three of the same item? Did I buy enough or too much? Registries have simplified things for most gift-givers. You know that whatever you buy has been preselected. For a baby shower you can’t go wrong with a gift that you know the mother-to-be will love. Even with all of the gifts out there to choose from, there still remains something special about giving unique baby gifts.

We hear about all of the celebrity baby gifts that are far from practical in our world. Diamond- encrusted pacifiers and rattles, designer clothing, and luxurious nurseries are wonderful and beautiful. And who can say no to diamonds? But the reality is that those particular gifts are not practical or affordable for most of us. In a time where practical gifts are much preferred over extravagant baby gifts, finding something both practical and special becomes your true task. It is possible to find a useful gift with a personal touch without breaking the bank.

So where do you begin? Retail stores’ shelves are filled with ideas that range from your everyday onesies and diapers, to strollers and furniture. In different colors, a number of different brands, and varied qualities, there are so many options to pick from. An expectant mother is going to need virtually all of the items on those shelves, so they all would be excellent gifts; the trick is to select something that you can personalize as the final gift. Whether you put together a unique gift basket, you engrave the baby’s name on a frame, or you embroider the baby’s name and birthdate on a blanket, the idea becomes special because it is personal for the baby and mother. You can update those ideas in so many ways to make it unique to the baby and the situation. There are also an endless amount of creative ideas online that can be tweaked to meet your needs. Ultimately it is all in the presentation.

As you select baby gifts and unique gifts for kids it is important to select something that can be used and enjoyed. You want to look for practical with a twist, and if it comes from the heart then it is sure to be special. A library of classic children’s books, a toy box, sometimes the best gifts are the ones that never make the registry.

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