Thursday, May 30, 2013

Parenting Pointers: Fashion Tips for Pregnant Women

One of the physical changes in pregnant mothers is their growing weight and enlarging shape. While pregnant mothers do not have the same shape and weight than they were, it does not mean however they can never be chic and stylish. Child bearing women can still wear their regular clothes at the early start of pregnancy, yet fashion menace comes off right after the first trimester when bumps become more evident and viable. When you cannot button your pants or when your clothes start to feel too tight, it is probably time to look for the right maternity wear for you. The following are the 10 basic fashion tips for pregnant women.

  1. Make sure to wear comfortable and proper size undergarments. The first thing to consider in fashion is to wear clothes that make you comfortable - and that starts with the right undergarments! Keep in mind that bodily changes are inevitable in pregnancy and that said, you have to make sure you are wearing the correct size of garments.
  2. Use bold, single-block colors. This type of color streamlines figure which helps you appear taller and thinner.
  3. Consider long dresses or maxi dresses. Maxi dress is perhaps the most stylish dress for women with bumps. In similar manner, invest for maternity dress such as those with khaki and denim colors.
  4. Put on a little make-up. Pregnant mothers can still look fresh, chic and pretty by putting on makeup and wearing stylish hair.
  5. Wearing heels is not an official forbiddance in pregnancy, but one has to turn over to one’s mind that wearing stilettos or pointed heels in pregnancy is just ain’t right primarily because pregnant mothers often experience unsteady gait and balance. In addition, heels tend to be slick which can be very dangersome. Instead, wear flats for a solid balance and support.
  6. Do not wear baggy clothes. The idea of wearing bigger, more loosing clothes to accommodate the growing tummy is not just a fashion idea. There are dresses and clothes designed for women that can help flatter a bumpy figure and bring out confidence from mothers.
  7. Get pampered. Boost self-esteem and relieve body stresses by going to salon for a hair and make-up hairdo, and nail works! To such a degree, you will feel good about how you look.
  8. Choose lightweight fabrics so as not to cast up weight.
  9. Go for necklines. This will show off your neck and helps you appear slimmer.
  10. Consider wearing black shades as this creates an illusion of slimmer look and helps appear your growing bump less obvious.
Some of the top choice dresses for pregnant mothers are the following:
  • Jeans with adjustable waistband
  • Cargo pants
  • Empire-waist tops
  • Pants with drawstrings

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