Friday, April 19, 2013

Winning Green: Veritey Shop Smart

The Founders of Veritey, Amy Ziff and Adrienne Peres, are launching their exciting Shop Smart Contest. 
Amy Ziff and Adrienne Peres launched Veritey to change the world for the healthier and create a hub of truly safe, chemical-free products and passionate consumers.  Their Shop Smart Contest will give health-savvy shoppers a chance to win a series of valuable prizes that will help “health up” their home.  Participants will sign up to Veritey’s newsletter to enter, which provides helpful, fun information on shopping for truly good goods! The blogger with the most readers to sign up will win an exciting package of Le Creuset chemical-free cookware!
Everyone is automatically entered to win several other fantastic prizes that represent chemical-free living, but the contest is a great way to excite people to make big changes through small steps.  Veritey also incorporates input from readers making it an engaging, interactive community.

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