Thursday, April 18, 2013

Healthy Habits: Properly Administering a Nasal Spray to Kids

Nasal congestion can make kids miserable, and sometimes our well-intentioned efforts to relieve it can make things worse. NYC allergist, David S. Mazza, MD, explains, “Spraying into your child’s nose can be a frightening experience, especially to a very young child,” he explains. “Sprays meant for adults often have large, adult-size nozzles and they exert considerable pressure to deliver the spray into the nose. While we, as adults, expect this, it can frighten a child.”

For best health practices, you shouldn't use a nasal spray that is medicated unless directed to do so by a physician, or share a nasal spray with anyone else. A saline nasal spray, especially one for kids such as Ocean for KIDS® Saline Nasal Spray, can be a smarter choice. “A spray like this respects the developing anatomy of a child’s nose with a smaller nozzle...and gentle pressure....Because it is saline, it can be used frequently throughout the day to help thin mucus, wash out allergens and deliver moisturizing relief.”

The OCEAN® Nasal Care family of products offers a non-medicated option for allergies that can be used as often as needed, is safe for all ages, and may be used in conjunction with other medications. Ocean for KIDS® Saline Nasal Spray is available at CVS Pharmacy stores nationwide and retails for $4.99. Visit for more great tips and helpful information.  Ocean® Nasal Care is also on Facebook and Twitter! OCEAN® Saline Nasal Spray has been the non-medicated saline nasal brand recommended most by doctors for more than 30 years. OCEAN Complete® Sinus Rinse (for nasal sinus irrigation and nasal moisturizing), OCEAN for Kids® Saline Nasal Spray (specially formulated for infants and children) and OCEAN Gel® Nasal Moisturizer are also available.

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