Thursday, January 24, 2013

Caring Causes: The Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary

One of the victims of the Newtown shooting was six-year-old Catherine Violet Hubbard, a beautiful child who will be remembered for her love of all animals and her constant smile. To honor their child, the Hubbard family requested that donations in memory of their daughter go directly to The Animal Center in Newtown, an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to animal rescue and welfare.

Today, the Hubbard family and The Animal Center are pleased to announce plans to build The Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary, a place where all creatures, great and small, can know the touch of a kind hand and be safe from harm.

 The Animal Center’s longtime vision of creating a sanctuary resonated deeply with Catherine’s parents, Jenny and Matt Hubbard. “Catherine loved all animals,” say the Hubbards. “She would chase down strangers just to pet their dogs, squeal with delight as butterflies landed on her arm and sit for hours watching baby birds in a nest. We would overhear her whispering to insects and animals…her words: tell all your friends that I’m kind.”

 The Animal Center can think of no greater tribute to this young child than creating an animal sanctuary in her name. “For all of us who love animals, Catherine is a kindred spirit and we will do whatever it takes to make her dream a reality,” says Harmony Verna, Vice President of The Animal Center. “This sanctuary will be a place where neglected, abused or homeless animals can get a second chance at life, a place for children and adults to connect with animals and the natural world. Animals have an amazing capacity to love and heal the human spirit. We hope Catherine will think it is the most beautiful place on Earth.”

While The Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary will not happen overnight, it will happen, promises Ms. Verna. “We are just at the planning stage of this project but hope that within five years, we will be welcoming the first school children to the sanctuary.”

The Hubbards fully embrace the hope and goodness this sanctuary symbolizes. “Whenever a kitten purrs from a loving touch, whenever a dog nuzzles into a child’s hand, whenever a butterfly dances between flowers, Catherine’s smile will be there.”
The Animal Center of Newtown is an all-volunteer, non-profit rescue organization dedicated to helping animals through compassionate, no-kill programs. Created in 2004, The Animal Center runs its rescue programs entirely through a volunteer foster network. All adoptable animals are in the safety and comfort of private homes. The Animal Center DOES NOT have a shelter.

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