Thursday, December 20, 2012

Caring Causes: FoodCorps

This year, FoodCorps has reached more 30,000 kids, bringing them hands-on learning, healthier choices in the cafeteria, and the chance to grow up with a brighter future. Next year, we aspire to grow into 3 additional states, and grow well past 100 service members. But we can't do this without you. Give the gift of health. Give a child and a community the gift of FoodCorps.

Hear from people involved to find out why:

"A small investment in FoodCorps buys something big: a program that is starting to roll back the $147 billion it costs us each year to deal with the health consequences of obesity."
-Mark Bittman, New York Times columnist and Cookbook Author

"The garden has allowed the students to have a hands-on approach to learning. It has brought 'real world' experiences into the classroom, by allowing my students to get their hands dirty. As a teacher it is exciting to see my students so engaged in learning."
Kaily Mione, 3rd Grade Teacher, Gloucester, MA 

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