Monday, November 26, 2012

Buying Green: Green Tuesday

Jonah Mytro, co-founder of Green America daily deal website, recently announced the official launch of “Green Tuesday,” an annual shopping occasion devoted to seeking out eco-forward purchases when shopping for holiday gifts. This year’s Green Tuesday is devoted to November 27, 2012, and will continue to occur the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving each year thereafter.
The philosophy of Green Tuesday goes well beyond what Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer. Where the Friday and Monday shopping days following Thanksgiving has led to frenzied shopping and unconscious consumer spending, Green Tuesday encourages holiday shoppers to stop and think and to make eco-minded choices when purchasing items on their friends’ and family members’ holiday wish lists, seeking out fair-trade, sustainable, artisanal and overall greener goods that support the planet and may also give back to communities around the globe.
Mytro is co-founder of, a “daily deals” website offering discounts from green businesses, giving consumers the opportunity to shop sustainably and conveniently throughout the year. GreenDeals is not only a social shopping and community hub; it also features eco-minded tips for everyday living and green coupons for additional cost savings.  As the first Green Tuesday ramps up, the GreenDeals site will offer exclusive Green Tuesday deals, coupons and giveaway opportunities for ten days beginning November 27, 2012, from the most authentic and innovative eco-forward companies to help consumers get in the spirit of giving as well as in the spirit of getting specially crafted deals.
An annual event, Mytro plans for Green Tuesday to become part of the holiday shopping vernacular within online and retail shopping venues worldwide that supports sustainable and eco-forward products from food to fashion, beauty to home design, gadgets and gear.

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