Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Eating Green: Unreal

Halloween is coming up, which means it may be a struggle to avoid certain things in your house - things like GMOs, artificial flavors and colors, corn syrup, and more "junk" found in candy typically given out. There are a lot of alternatives, including candy from UNREAL. These candies are designed to look like familiar favorites - but to be "unjunked" be eliminating things like hydrogenated oils and corn syrup.

They don't taste exactly like similar brands - but I think they taste better. They have less sugar, and less junk, than alternatives, but for me, that means there's also no artificial-color aftertaste. (Yes, those flavorless chemicals really do have a flavor if you're a taster.) My kids and husband love them. Everyone I've shared them with has enjoyed them, and the story behind the products is great too - that is was started by a boy who wanted to prove that candy could be better for people and the planet. Ingredients are sourced responsibly as much as possible, and the company wants to sell their products for similar prices as traditional candy, so it doesn't break the bank to eat better.

The candy is currently sold at Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid, Staples, Kroger, and more, and is coming soon to Target.
Disclosure: I was compensated by UNREAL to host a party and to write this post.

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