Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Living Green: Teaching Your Kids to be Eco-Friendly

Instilling the value of caring for the environment as part of your parenting responsibilities can be easy if you start early in your child’s life. He can readily pick up what he sees in the household.

Here are some ways on how you can slowly make him appreciate the importance of being environmentally conscious.

1.     Raise an environmentally friendly kid by setting a good example. Let him see your habits of turning off the lights as you leave a room, of not letting the tap flow while you brush your teeth, of using a line to dry laundry under the sun, and of unplugging electronic appliances when they are not being used.

2.     Start a vegetable garden and let your child participate in the gardening tasks. Teach him how to naturally control garden pests and weeds. Start a small compost pit, too, if your backyard space permits it. Your kid will enjoy watching you occasionally turn the mulch in the compost pit. Gardening herbs and vegetables is also a great way to make your kid eat vegetables as he will be more appreciative of eating something that he once grew on his own.

3.     If there’s a volunteer eco-friendly group in your community, then encourage your kid to join. It would be nice if you let your kid participate in the group’s activities without you hovering in the background. Allow him to learn to become independent while he does his part to care for the environment.

4.     Preach a sustainable lifestyle in a laid-back manner. Incorporate this practice in family activities like fishing (and feasting on the family’s catch afterwards at home) and camping. Going green should be fun and not something to labor over.

5.     Use technology to teach your kid about earth conservation. Technology is this generation’s “language.” Use animated educational shows and media content to make your kid understand why conserving the environment works to everyone’s advantage.

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