Saturday, August 11, 2012

Green Games: Bin It!

One of the challenges of recycling is the question: Am I really making a difference? The answer is yes, but often consumers don’t experience the tangible results of their recycling efforts.

Plastics Make it Possible®, a campaign dedicated to helping educate consumers about how plastics can be reused and recycled, has set out to show consumers how their efforts are making a difference. 

Plastics Make it Possible recently teamed up with Recyclebank® to launch BIN IT! 2.0 - a fun (and addictive) game that challenges consumers to recycle common household plastics. Players toss virtual plastics into a recycling bin while dodging obstacles such as animals and tricky breezes.  

Players can accumulate up to 65 Recyclebank points with every plastic item made into the bin, which are redeemable for savings on products in more than 10 categories, including food and beverage, health, beauty, and home.

The products you readers recycle are being used to make a wide variety of useful products, from T-shirts to garden planters to furniture. 

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