Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mindful Parenting: Summer Brain Drain

Have you heard of Exploracise: Gymathtics? It's a program designed to combine exercise with learning for grades two through five. I had the opportunity to interview the creator about her experience creating the program.
1)   What was the inspiration behind creating Exploracise?
My inspiration for creating Exploracise was my children. Both of my children are very high energy and I was surprised when they started wanting to watch more TV.  I wanted to create a program that gets kids up off the couch and learn at the same time. With my math background, it was logical to me that counting and exercise were a natural combination.
2)   How did you manage to put it all together?
With a very supportive family, we learned about the children’s industry and how to create a DVD and then our new ball products. Even with my corporate expertise in product development, it has definitely been a big learning experience and rewarding to see the benefits of helping so many children.
3)   How can parents make education fun, especially if they have kids who resist "school work" in the summer?
As a parent, we all want to give kids a break during the summer so we need to find ways to let kids have fun and not realize they are learning. There are many ways to create games or hands on activities that review facts but also make it feel like summer. Our new Exploracise footballs are a great example and we offer a free ebook with ten game ideas for families, 10 Top Fun Wise Games Making Learning Math Fun.
4)   What was your favorite part about creating Exploracise?
There have been so many amazing moments creating products and programs that help children. One of my favorites is when I see a video of children using the Exploracise products that I have never met. It is just amazing to me that I can help children around the country and make a difference in their lives.
5) Do your own kids like it?
My children have been involved in Exploracise from the very beginning as actors in the Gymathtics DVD and continue to be my number one users and focus group. Their creativity provides incredible feedback to help develop the next best product or program for Exploracise. My daughter is completing third grade so we will be using the Multiplication football a lot this summer to maintain those multiplication facts.

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