Friday, May 11, 2012

Green Living: Memorial Day and Mother's Day

I recently had a chance to interview SIERRA's Lifestyle Editor for tips on eco-friendly May celebrations.

1) Without a lot of time left, how can last-minute shoppers still find good eco-friendly gifts for Mom?
Sponsoring a Wild Place is a quick, easy way to let mom know that you love her and the planet.  

2) What are some environmentally friendly ways that families can honor Mom on Mother's Day?
Potted plants are great gifts because they last longer than cut flowers and they improve indoor air quality. Membership to a CSA is another gift that keeps giving -- all year, mom will receive deliveries of fresh, seasonal veggies from local farmers. 

3) Memorial Day is coming up soon - do you have any tips for things families can do to reduce their impact on the environment?
To honor our servicemen and women on Memorial Day, pledge to leave the car at home. Bike or walk to a local park where you can enjoy the outdoors without burning fossil fuels.   
You can find lots more eco-friendly gift suggestions here.

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