Monday, April 30, 2012

Green Living: Public Transit Tricks

Do you use public transit? If not, you should seriously look into whether or not it's an option for you. If you're worried about it - or if you currently use it and are always stressed at the end of the ride - here are some tips to make it even better. - Be focused. Think of the good you're doing - for yourself, and for the planet. Not only is it one less car on the road, but studies have shown transit commuters are a little healthier, due to the fact that their commute usually includes walking. - Be mindful. Use the time to meditate or pray. You can also listen to relaxing music or helpful audio books. Or consider journaling, particularly at the end of the day, to help you reflect. - Be productive. Another idea is to get something done. This way, you're even farther ahead than if you had driven (this is especially helpful if your transit commute is longer than it would be driving). Crocheting is a productive hobby that can be done on a bus. You could also read or listen to audiobooks. - Be educated. There are many language-learning CD-based programs out there, or textbook programs with an audio component. There are also a wealth of educational podcasts, such as TEDTalks or HGTV podcasts. You can also find places to download audio lectures. - Be charitable. If you're annoyed by other commuters, try to imagine positive situations. The grouch on the cell phone behind you might have lost his job today. The two girls loudly chatting may be hearing impaired. Or, try to find connections. The boy listening to music on headphones so loud you can hear it? He might have something in common with your son the same age.

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