Thursday, April 19, 2012

Green Activities: Chimpanzee Movie

It's not every day that you can do something good for the planet while going to the movies, but Disney's Chimpanzee (released April 20th by Disneynature) lets you do just that. For everyone who attends during opening week, Disneynature will donate to the Jane Goodall Institute.

I really enjoyed the film. Tim Allen's narration provides just enough humor to be engaging, without detracting from the story. The way the story is told is amazing - and so is the story itself, a story that really brings attention to how complex nature can be. The sensitive scenes are tastefully done - such as the fights between groups of chimpanzees - so that kids aren't shocked or scared. My daughters (2 and 4) did get a little bit uneasy in a few scenes, but overall had no problem with the film. The movie was a little bit long for the two-year-old, but the four-year-old was just fine through the whole thing. Afterwards, she was able to articulate most of the story to her father, which is good - it shows that this film has a very wide range of ages for which it's appropriate.

Another big benefit is the wealth of information available on the Chimpanzee website. You can find age-appropriate educational (and fun) activities for Chimpanzee and the other films released by Disneynature.

If you're looking for a film that is both engaging and educational, I recommend Chimpanzee.

Disclosure: I received screening tickets to facilitate this review.

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