Saturday, March 3, 2012

Healthy Habits: Yoga Types

If you don't know much about yoga, you should explore it. It's more than just stretching - it can be a really intense workout. There are a lot of different types of yoga. Pilates is a workout that is similar to yoga, but follows slightly different principles. Hatha yoga is the best for beginners, and has a focus on relaxation and meditation as well, so it's great for stress relief. Ashtanga and power yoga are more rapid-paced (choose power yoga if you want more variety and no meditation/chanting) so they're more of a cardio workout. You can also try yin yoga, which is mostly seated or prone poses, for relaxation. One less-well-known method is Iyengar yoga, where the teachers are trained to know how to accommodate for injuries, including greater use of props. Finally, there's Bikram yoga, which burns calories, and also takes place in a hot room - but not advised for pregnant women or anyone with heart issues.

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