Saturday, February 4, 2012

Buying Green: Lotty Dotty

Lotty Dotty is an apparel company founded in 2009 by Shevanne Helmer and Maya Persaud, two American women living in Paris, France. The company has designed and patented a revolutionary line of high-fashion T-shirts featuring screen printed doll figures that can be dressed interchangeably with Velcro-backed designer mini-outfits. Shevanne and Maya named the company Lotty Dotty after one of their early favorites. The company also serves as a showcase for unknown talented designers who create the mini-outfit collections, and are promoted on the company's website and packaging. LottyDotty uses organic and recyclable materials as much as possible and is dedicated to aiding women and children issues.

There are two types of dolls offered. There are preadolescent as well as adult dolls that can be dressed and undressed directly on the t-shirt. Interactive, fun and eco-friendly, Lotty Dotty t-shirts are composed of organic cotton and bamboo along with recycled materials.

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