Saturday, December 3, 2011

Buying Green: Waxelene

Every season has skin care challenges, but winter can be particularly hard. Many people use petroleum jelly products to help with skin care, but there's a much more eco-friendly alternative - Waxelene. Waxelene can be used for a variety of skin care needs, including lip balm, after sun care, severe dry skin, and mild friction rash.

I had a chance to try Waxelene out. I like it. The texture is nice, it's not really greasy, it absorbs well - and it even has a nice scent, much better than traditional petroleum jelly. The glass jars are easy to use, with nice wide mouths. Plus, glass is easily recyclable (or, even better, reusable). If you're looking for green skin care alternatives, look for Waxelene. It can be found at some co-ops and natural foods stores (check the retail locator to see if your favorite one is included) or on the Waxelene website or on

About Waxelene
Waxelene is the eco-friendly petroleum jelly alternative. It has the same protective, waterproofing, moisturizing and soothing properties that doctors love about petroleum jelly, but it’s sustainable and organic. Waxelene’s ingredients include natural beeswax and oils like vitamin E and rosemary which soak in and nurture skin cells. The patent-pending process eliminates the need to use any petroleum by-products, hydrogenated oils, or chemical processes and includes aeration giving Waxelene a smooth texture that won’t clog pores. Committed to the environment and healthy living, the makers of Waxelene endeavor to become more sustainable every day. From using natural and organic ingredients, to packaging in recyclable glass jars (no plastic!), to implementing energy-efficient practices, Waxelene is striving to do its part to achieve a petroleum-free future.

Disclosure: I received a sample of Waxelene as a thank you for writing this post.

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