Monday, December 12, 2011

Buying Green: Green Chance

Green Chance provides many exclusive eco-friendly gifts for home and office. here are a few they're highlighting for the coming season!

1.) First Electric Table/Heater in One – (standard and bar-height options)

GreenChance has partnered with Danish-based Mensa Heating to be the exclusive distributor throughout the U.S. and Canada of the first eco-friendly, electric radiant table/heater – that combines a table and outdoor heater into a single concept – optimizing outdoor space, dramatically reducing operating costs and cutting harmful emissions. The award-winning Vireoo (Latin for “I am green”) is safe to touch, the most environmentally-friendly heater on the market and helps extend the outdoor season with deep, uniform heat that warms from the legs up. The tables cost 40 times less to operate than a comparable outdoor gas heater and are much safer (see photo at URL above of baby touching one), less maintenance, etc. Pricing for the tables starts at $495, plus $80 to $150 for the tabletop. This is the only product like this in the U.S. They’re popular in Europe and just now being introduced here by GreenChance. GreenChance also offer the first bar-height, integrated electric table/heater called the Statio, which is Latin for "standing."

2.) Cordless Lights from “The Ritz” in London

NEOZ high-end, energy efficient cordless lights are now being sold exclusively in North America through and their LA showroom. Ninety countries worldwide from “The Ritz Hotel” in London to “The Burj Al Arab” in Dubai use the lights, and now they are available in the U.S. and Canada. The lights provide up to 260 hours of lighting on a single charge. They start at $329 and increase based on the lamp, recharging and battery options. NEOZ lamps are easy to use and with the touch of a button you can choose between 5 settings to create your desired ambiance, from a candle flicker up to 20 times brighter than a candle-bright enough to read menus while maintaining intimacy. The lamps are a safer and brighter solution than candles, as the lamps will not blow out in the wind, will not emit smoke, odor or have wax spills. They are designed for long life as they are made with the highest quality components and materials, are recyclable and are fully serviceable which has made the name NEOZ synonymous with reliable, durable, rechargeable lights.

3.) Infrared Heating for Home or Office

The Heatscope infrared heater, distributed by GreenChance in the U.S. and manufactured by Munich Home Systems, provides elegant, sleek and long-lasting radiant heat, transforming indoor and outdoor areas into cozy, pleasant environments. Produced in Germany, the devices provide warmth without the red light emitted by traditional infrared heaters. Heatscope units can be subtly incorporated into a variety of business and residential settings as they are easy to install, do not require any gas lines and create a warm inviting atmosphere perfect for enjoying an outdoor patio in fall or spring. The elegant dark radiator is sleek and an efficient solution for heating outdoor environments such as patios, courtyards and outdoor smoking areas during the cooler months. There are 3 size options available. The smallest unit, MHS-1500 is $975, MHS-2400 is $1155 and the MHS-3200 is $1395. Heatscope heats directly, similar to the beams of sunlight, by permeating the air and warming bodies. The device creates a warm ambient climate with minimal heat loss even on cooler days and the curved ribbed front of the Heatscope unit ensures optimal heat distribution.

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