Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Buying Green: Bob's Red Mill

Bob's Red Mill is an employee-owned stone grinding miller of whole grains, which was founded in 1978 with the mission of moving people back to the basics with healthy whole grains, high-fiber and complex carbohydrates. They have an extensive line of more than 400 all natural, organic and gluten-free flours, cereals, meals and mixes for pancakes, breads, and soups. For those with a gluten-allergy, you can rest assured knowing that they have a dedicated gluten-free manufacturing facility. They also follow strict organic protocols.

Even better? The food is delicious. I've had some of their foods, and recently got a chance to sample honey oat granola, which is a delightful blend of sweetness and crunch and makes an excellent addition to oatmeal, cereal, salads, or parfaits.

Disclosure: I was provided a sampling opportunity through Moms Meet.

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