Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Buying Green: Skin Care for Athletes

The title of this post is "skin care for athletes" and that's the name of the company I'm highlighting - but their products aren't just for athletes. The company boasts it has the only completely natural and organic skin care designed for athletes, and they're probably right - there's lots of natural skin care products out there, but I haven't seen any designed specifically for those who do a lot of physical activity.

The products are designed for preparing the body for workout, or for recovery. That's something pretty unique. They use a variety of natural additives, such as coconut, rosemary, shea butter, and more - both ones I'm familiar with and ones I haven't seen in skin care - to nourish the skin, invigorate the body, and motivate the mind.

Do they work? Well, I'm not an athlete quite at the level they promote it for (no major endurance sports) but I do work out on a very regular basis and have two little girls to chase around. I was very happy with the Tri-Body wash sample I got. It had a pleasant, refreshing scent, lathered well, and rinsed off cleanly.

Right now they have several gift collections available too, so if you know an athlete looking for green products, it makes a great gift.

Products are certified organic and cruelty-free, paraben free, and have signed the campaign for safe cosmetics. For more information, follow @athletesskin, like Skin Care For Athletes on Facebook, watch Skin Care for Athletes videos or read the Green Fitness blog.

Disclosure: I received a sample of Tri-Body Wash to facilitate this review.

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