Monday, June 20, 2011

Green Thinking: Pest Control

Here's a collection of tips for pest control that are a little more friendly for the planet and your family.

- sprinkle 4 parts sugar mixed with 1 part borax (this will make kids and pets sick) to keep ants away
- 1 tsp each peppermint and rosemary oils in 2 cups of water can be sprayed on and around beds to keep bedbugs away
- mix cloves, eucalyptus, and clover blossoms to help repel flies
- 1/2 tsp cayenne with 1 tbsp peppermint castile soap in 8 cups of water will keep mice away when sprayed along baseboards
- 2 tsp tea tree oil in 2 cups water can repel roaches when sprayed in problem areas, like kitchens and bathrooms

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